About Us

Ramona Yancy is a passionate seasoned theater actress, acting coach who uses theater to inspire and motivate individuals. She is an Actress, Acting Coach, Author, Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur, and the founder of OC Young Actors Studio LLC. She is an Advocate for children and women aka SUPER Single Mom, she is a catalyst for change.

She is a working actor, currently working in the studio with Eric Morris in Hollywood, CA. Ramona has taught over 10 years using Eric Morris acting system as well as other effective method of acting in her studio, in Orange County California and Los Angeles County.

The Eric Morris System is used for instrumental exercise, monologue, scene or scene parallel. The first two exercises are done by the whole group; the preliminary exercise which consists of relaxation, (eliminating all the tension) using specific techniques for doing that, which is followed by “sensitizing”, elevating the accessibility in all five senses. This is also done with specific techniques created by Eric. The third part of the preliminary preparations is called “personal inventory” which is done audibly or semi-audibly, asking one’s self “how do I feel? “ and responding emotionally to that question. The actor must include his distractions, commentaries and awareness while responding to the question, “how do I feel?” The preliminary group is designed to.

  1. Eliminate tension (tension is the actors arch enemy).
  2. To elevate the sensitivity and accessibility of all five senses.
  3. To find out where the actor is emotional, so that he or she can select the next exercise or preparation to address dramatic material.

She Produce and Directs educational documentaries, videos, books. Throughout her professional career and personal experiences, she has learned critical lessons and tools which has helped many live that best life.

Some of her accomplishments includes;

  • Wrote original script, produce and Directed “Reenactment of Juneteenth Freedom Day” for the Juneteenth Celebration sponsor by the City of Huntington Beach.
  • Performed in several theatre productions within the past over 10 years.
  • Worked back stage “background actor” on several films, talk shows and TV episodes.
  • Worked on several films and talk shows including “The Other Half” with Dick Clark.
  • Worked with MR. Dick Clark and Host, crew of the NBC talk show “The Other Half” on several episodes.
  • Attend in commercial workshops to sharpen skills, including Mike Point, “Hey, I saw your commercial on Television”.
  • Featured in an article in the Orange County Register.
  • Features with Mr. Dick Clark and the Host of “The Other Half” in print Women’s Own Magazine.
  • Featured in Print ad American Theatre Magazine.
  • Performed and wrote original script solo performance, directed and guided by Debra DeLiso USC School of Theater Arts, Los Angeles School of the Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles,
  • Performed at the Elephant theater in Hollywood, CA.
  • Performed and wrote original monologue to empowered and bring awareness to homelessness. At Corner Stone Theatre Company “theatre of the oppressed” summer project.
  • Performed (5 years) at Cypress College Summer “New Plays Festival” Directed by Mark Majarian, Cypress Theater Arts Department Chair, Kirk Douglas Theatre … received The OC Weekly Best of 2008 for our Cypress College New Play Festival.
  • Invited member of Golden Key International Honor Society who because gained a 3.8 GPA or above in Graduate program.
  • Member of Women In film Los Angeles.

She has earned the following qualifications.

*Master’s Degree in Education: Curriculum & Instruction.
*Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre Arts and Dance option emphasis: Theatre Arts
*Associate Degree in Psychology

As an Adjunct Faculty at North Orange County Community College District SCE for over 10 years Ramona proudly created and taught several arts enrichment classes

She has Worked as an educator and storyteller from preschool to college grade levels in the U.S. as well as impoverished countries. Volunteer at her church children’s ministry, Small Business Ministry, Mentor-ship program. Member of Orange County  NAACP, PHR OES.